Downtown Vancouver

First stop is a return to downtown Vancouver, home of the great Olympic store. During the Olympics this store was the most productive Olympic shop in the history of the Olympics.  Lise Kuramoto, Karen Skogan and Dawn Stevenson toured us around the major renovations going on throughout the building. The team is working hard in order to turn this store into a world-class flagship and they are well on their way.

Bonnie and her team have brought great new brands to Vancouver including Polo, Juicy, Pink Tartan, Lacoste, Ellie Tahari and many more to come. The excitement with the associates and the customers is palpable as soon as you walk through the door.

Standing in the shoe dept. looking towards the new white space

Richard, Lisa, Karen and Dawn

New white space under construction

Also while touring through the store we met Devinder Saggu the FIT Specialist in the lingerie department. For those of you who don’t what that is, she helps women purchase the proper size intimate apparel.  This is a very sensitive and specialized skill. I am told that people from all over the city come especially to meet with Devinder.  Devinder, because of her skill and sensitivity, is also recommended by local surgeons performing mastectomies.  Congratulations to Devinder for providing the skill and services that our customers need.  Your hard work is what makes The Bay a great store. Watch this video of me meeting Devinder and hearing her story.

Also click below on “1101 Customer Service Heroes” and read these amazing letters from customers about how Devinder has impacted their lives for the better.

1101 Customer Service Heroes


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