Hello from Richard

Me and Jack in front of Zeller's on our first day

Hello Friends/Associates:

This is my first time writing a blog.  My son Jack asked me if he could come with me on a trip through Canada visiting stores and meeting associates from the Hudson’s Bay Company.  What a wonderful idea I thought.  A week alone with my son visiting Hudson’s Bay stores, meeting new people and visiting historical Canadian and Hudson Bay sites.

As is usually the case, I buy most of my clothes at Lord & Taylor and Bay stores which has always been a good way for me to understand the products we sell.  On this trip Jack suggested that we bring no clothes with us and we will only buy clothing from Zellers as we travel.  This will give us a chance to truly experience the Zellers assortment.  As a final idea, Lexi, in our office thought it would be interesting if we do a blog of the trip and posted it once or twice each day.  How hard can that be??  So here we are flying across Canada expecting to land in several hours.  Please excuse any typos, misspellings or other unintentional errors.  This is meant as a personal journal by me and my son on our thoughts and experiences  as we travel through Canada.


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