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Oakbridge Zeller’s

First Zeller’s store of the trip Jack and I had a lot to do.  We had no clothes other than what we wore on the plane and now we needed to do a shop.  I have to tell you, Jack was a bit anxious that he wasn’t gonna find clothes he liked or was used to wearing. But surprise surprise he found all kind of clothes he liked and wanted to buy.  His favorites are the X-Games shirts, bathing suites and shorts and the Sportek shorts, Wilson socks and of course the Canadian Olympic T-shirts and hoodies.

For me, I can’t tell you how much money I am gonna save going forward…sorry Brendan and Bonnie.  I found so many great Sportek shirts, shorts, socks etc and I love the Midtown product, especially the shorts. What a great deal and most of it is just like the Under Armour product that I never plan on buying again.

We were shown around the Oakridge store by District Manager Mike Casagrande and the store manager Pawan Pail. Even though this is a very successful store, I believe the opportunity going forward is substantial.  As Mark Foote and his team perfect the new Zeller’s prototype and re-engineer the Zeller’s assortment and introduce new and exciting brands the opportunity for improved sales is huge.  Our customers are just beginning to see what the future holds for them.  An easier way to shop in a more intimate environment than Wal-Mart with great values and brands that are meaningful to them and their families.

On Monday afternoon we will be in Winnipeg, where we are testing five new Zeller prototype stores.  I will share with you then more specifics.

Pawan patil, store manager and Mike Casagrande, district manager

Pushpa helps us shop

Buying Jack's Wilson socks

Hands full of Zeller's items


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