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Campbell River Zellers

In order to get to Campbell River we had to take a water taxi. The driver of the water taxi Rusty Clark has lived in this area for his entire life.  Rusty tells about the vibrant economy, primarily fueled by the loggin industry, fish farming and mining (some language might not be appropriate for minors).

Upon arriving in Campbell River we met up with Fred Hoppe, the Zellers District Manager.  First stop was the Campbell River Zellers store, which is about 200 feet from the dock.

This is a nice looking Zellers run by Nita Black, store manager.  Unfortunately for Nita Wal-Mart opened a new super center right across the street. Even though Nita will take a hit from the new Wal-Mart I believe her strong location and compelling offering will her competitive.

Fred Hoppe, Dist. mngr. Nita Black, store mngr.

While in the Campbell River store I purchased blue jeans and a watch. I love my new watch but for some reason the jeans seem a little tight….I’m not sure I can blame Nita for that.

Searching for jeans

Thanks Kaylyn for the great watch!

Also watch this video of Zellers employee Joyce Carson talk about employee pride.


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  1. Thanks for supporting our watch business!!!! 🙂

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