Next stop downtown Calgary flagship…

This store is one of our most beautiful flagships.  The elegant facade and the beautiful marble floor on the main level gives the customer the feeling of a bygone era.

Downtown Calgary is an exciting opportunity for us.  Two huge office towers are under construction within walking distance and the adjacent mall has been totally renovated.

Jennifer Arrowsmith toured us through the store and showed us the exciting new brands and improvements being done at the store.  Congratulations to Jennifer and her team who have accomplished more with white paint than any other store I have seen.  The new contemporary white space area is spectacular.  They created excitement by using old window displays and painting them white and mounting them on the walls. The fourth floor with a little more work and white paint looks like a SoHo loft. This is a great example about how to improve a store by being smart, it’s not always about spending more money.

Jennifer sitting in her new white space

Another shot of the white space because it looks so good and costs so little

Good example of a perfect top-of-bed presentation

4th floor on its way to looking like a SoHo loft

Great example of our future furniture offering

Great example of our past furniture offering

After downtown Calgary we went to the Chinook Centre where we have both a Bay and a Zellers store.  At the Bay we spent time with Rob the store manager.  We were impressed with the new brands and how the better product elevated the whole look of the store.

At Zellers we met with John Pritchett, the district manager and Chris Van Doorn, the store manager.  The team has been moving fixtures around in order to create wider aisles.  They have also been reducing the height of the fixtures in order to allow the customer to be able to have a better view of the store. I thought it looked great.  I normally get nauseous when I walk into a two story Zellers but this one was the best one I’ve seen. I’m dying to talk more about the new Zellers prototype until I can show you pictures from Winnipeg.

District Manager, John Pritchett, Store Manager Chris Van Doorn

Approximately 30 minutes away is Market Mall where we have another Bay and Zellers store.  The Bay was totally rebuilt and renovated five years ago.  It looks fantastic.  It is a very productive store with great brands and a great team lead by Ruth Fredrick.  This store is undergoing some right-sizing renovations in order to bring in more better brands.

The Bay at Market Mall

John Pritchett and Paul Leeking, store manager, walked us through this two story Zellers store, not withstanding how you know I felt seeing another two-story store I was impressed by how smartly they had laid out the store in order to take advantage of the mall entrances.  A Zellers store that can properly present its fashion offering so that it’s visible to the mall customer can drive great volume for their apparel business. Well done to this team. Of course, I can’t wait to renovate this one also.

Zellers at Market Mall


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