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Polo Park Mall- The Bay & Zellers

The Bay at Polo Park Mall

Jack and I finally arrived in Winnipeg in the mid afternoon.

Our first stop was the Polo Park Mall.  This mall is the fashion leader in the Winnipeg market.  We spent time walking through our beautiful Bay store which is in perfect condition and carries a strong range of brands.

They have just completed some small renovations.  This store should be able to sell all the best brands we have because this store is the top of the market.

Store manager Brian Read and his team, Glen Wold  (Marketing manager), Arlene Cook (Group sales manager)  and Ronna Mawhinney (Sales manager Ladies wear & lingerie) spent time walking us through the store.

Arlene, Ronna, Desiree, Glen, me and Brian. Photo by Jack

Next stop was the Zellers store in Winnipeg.  As you can see from the picture, the store is under full renovation.  We are renovating all of the Winnipeg Zellers stores to our new prototype.  Even with the store under construction you can clearly see how much easier it will be to shop at the store.  The low fixtures with the fashion in the middle of the store provide a great layout for the customer. This is very exciting and represents the future for Zellers. We are all looking forward to analyzing the results.  Mark and his team have put a tremendous amount of work into making this a success.  Thank you to all involved.

As you can see in the new prototype the fixtures are much lower giving the customer much better visibility

While in the store I needed to buy some dress up clothes for myself because I am having dinner with the president of the University of Winnipeg, Dr. Axworthy. Unfortunately I was disappointed with the pricing of the dress up shirts and slacks.  Much of what we had could be bought at The Bay for a better price at this moment in time. I would love for someone to explain to me what our price strategy is with dress up men’s clothes.

By the way I have now put on the clothes I bought and I have to tell you that they not only look good but there is a lot of engineering in the men’s pants. What I mean is that there is some sort of elastic so that even if you’re a little chunkier than you should be, you have plenty of room. So even though I feel that the pants were a bit expensive for Zellers I feel like I got great value. The brand on the pants are Haggar.


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  1. Excellent choice, the President is going to be VERY impressed.


    Have Fun


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