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HBC Archives & Manitoba Museum

Jack and I walking to the HBC Archives

We just completed visiting the Hudson Bay Company Archives where we got to see many of the books, records, photographs and maps that HBC produced since the late 1600’s.  Maureen Dailyniuk and her team showed us a map from the 1700s that detailed the original route taken by the Nonsuch. They also showed us a transaction between Lord & Taylor and HBC from 1925 for the sale of blankets to Lord & Taylor in New York.

This ledger documents a sales transaction between HBC and Lord & Taylor for the sale of blankets

At the Manitoba Museum Claudette Leclerc and Katherine Pettipas showed us around the Hudson Bay museum collection.  It was a very impressive collection of HBC artifacts.  The most interesting is most certainly the Nonsuch.

Jack manning the till of the Nonsuch replica

This boat is an exact replica of the original Nonsuch that was sailed to the Hudson’s 1668. Check out the video description of the Nonsuch as well Katherine’s description of how beaver pelts were traded for merchandise.  Thanks to the team both at the HBC archives and the Manitoba Museum for their hard work, dedication and commitment to the historic past of the Hudson’s Bay Company.


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