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Southdale Zellers

Also well on its way towards completing its new renovation.  Assistant store manager Tanya and the team are looking forward to completing the renovation and having a full neighborhood market for their customers.

As we were walking through the store Jack asked, “exactly when would the back to school product be out in the store?” and “what are the hot products for this year in back to school?”.  Can anyone help me with these answers?

While at the store Jack and I did a taste test of Jack’s favorite potato chip vs the Truly brand.  Check out the video, very funny.

What a world we live in.  Desiree is driving us to the airport and we are about to post this latest experiences.  We have over four thousand friends who are viewing this in real time.  Back in the first 250 years of the company a trip like this would take a half a year to do and many months to communicate back to the main office.


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