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The York Factory

Aerial shot of the York Factory

What a Hudson’s Bay day. We saw the archives, the HBC museum, 3 stores and then we flew on Calm Air to Gilliam. From Gilliam we took a helicopter to the York Factory.

The York factory sits at the edge of the Hudson’s Bay strategically between the Nelson River and the Hayes River. This is the most desolate place on earth I have ever been to. There is nothing but harsh weather 8 months of the year and no people for hundreds of miles. They tell me that approximately 1500 people live in a 300 mile radius of the York factory….sounds like a good place for Walmarts next superstore…

The kind of people that were able to live work and build a business at this location must have been truly extraordinary. I am humbled by their accomplishments and can only imagine the toughness of our HBC predecessors. The DNA that lives within this company and all of us by association is  unique. We have a responsibility to ourselves and this heritage to make the Hudson’s Bay company a great success. It was operated and made successful by hard working risk taking adventures!  I promise you that as long as I am associated with this great company that I will not rest until we fill our ranks with the smartest and boldest risk taking adventurers on the planet.

My partners Lee, Francis, Don, Mark, Bonnie and Brendan are committed to win.  It is our plan to spend over $1 billion to renovate  all of our stores during the next 5 years. Each business is operating under a new business plan designed for success. I believe that during the next 12 months the Hudson’s Bay Company will reach its most valuable moment in 340 years….

The Parks Deparment has informed us that this is the first visit by a Governor of The Hudson’s Bay Company in the history of York Factory. The last high-ranking official to visit was George Simpson in 1850.

Canonballs from a bygone era

The HBC flag overlooking the Hudson's Bay


3 Responses

  1. What an absolutely fascinating day.

    Jack, be sure to pay attention to how delightly us Canadians bahave!

    Travel safe guys & enjoy your last few days . . . and continue to keep us well posted.

  2. Wow! Amazing – must have been such an experience! How could you not feel pride in our company seeing that?

  3. What an amazing adventure for both of you.

    Thanks for posting it online as I get to travel Canada through your stories.

    I`m sure you`ll create memories that will last a lifetime.

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