Unplanned Home Outfitters visit-Regent St.

We just popped into the Regent Street Home Outfitters.  It was an unplanned stop as we were heading for the Zellers.   The store had no advance warning.  It looked great, well staffed; people asked if they could help us.  The assortment looked just as good as our previous stop at the Home Outfitters in Calgary.  My only comment is that they did not have outdoor patio sitting on the sidewalk.  This is very inviting and lets customers know we have a nice selection of outdoor patio.


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  1. Richard congratulations on your recent cross Canada Tour with your son Jack. What a great way to see our beautiful country. You had a question on BTS.

    Our school supplies have started hitting Zellers stores over the past 2 weeks. Stores start setting up BTS 2010 next week. In fact yesterday I visited #499 Trinity here in Brampton. They are fully set up and it looks great.

    Here are a few cool BTS 2010 items:

    1) Hilroy’s 2010 Limited Edition Note Tote. Only available for BTS 2010 2) Zwipes Zipper Pencil Pouch 3) Bic’s new Glide System Ink Technology pens 4) Crayola’s new Wild Notes

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