Leaving Ottawa

We are just leaving Ottawa. They sure know how to party in this town.  The crowds were out in the streets until the early morning, so Jack tells me. We’ll be in Quebec later today and we’re looking forward to practicing our French.

Jack is offering up a prize of a Hudson’s Bay Company blanket of your choice for anyone and everyone who can guess his favorite experience to date on this trip through Canada. Answers must be in by Saturday @ 9am EST.  Maximum of ten winners, first ten in order of how they’re posted on the blog.  One specific moment/guess per person please!

Nous quittons Ottawa à l’instant même. Ici, on a vraiment le sens de la fête. Jack m’a dit que les gens ont festoyé dans la rue jusqu’aux petites heures du matin. On sera à Québec un peu plus tard aujourd’hui et on a bien hâte de parler français.

Jack offre une couverture de la Compagnie de la Baie d’Hudson, au choix du gagnant, à ceux qui devineront quelle a été son expérience préférée à ce jour au cours de son voyage à travers le Canada. Vous devez envoyer votre réponse avant samedi, 9 h (HNE). Maximum : 10 gagnants. Les gagnants seront les dix premières personnes selon l’ordre des réponses affichées sur le blogue.  Veuillez mentionner un moment précis / fournir une réponse par personne!


27 Responses

  1. Jack, I am sure that you must of enjoyed seeing the buluga whales. I would of found that super exciting.
    Hope you are having a wonderful time. Canada is a wonderful country and I am glad you took the time to see it and Mr. Baker keep up the good work.

  2. I am guessing the beluga whales were a highlight for Jack but his favourite just might be the Canada Day celebrations in Ottawa. That’s a real close-up of the Queen.

  3. Hi Jack, i think you had good time in Ottawa yesterday but your favorite experience must be the fishing experience you had on june 26th with the 15 pounds Salmon you caught.
    Have a good time.

  4. I would think Jack’s favorite thing was the Canada Day celebrations and the Barenaked Ladies performance. Great to watch the tour as it progresses and comments on each store and location visited.

  5. Your trip has been such an amazing adventure I can’t imagine being able to pick just one highlight. Instead, I am going to guess Jack’s top three (not necessarily in this order).

    1. Canada Day – seeing the snowbirds, Barenaked Ladies and the queen
    2. The beluga whales in Hudson Bay
    3. Fishing in BC and catching the 15 pound Salmon

  6. I’m sure the beluga whales on the Churchill river must have been the highlight of this trip. I still have goosebumps when I think of the time I saw some in the northern part of the St. Lawrence River. And I was much older than he is….

  7. My guess would be Canada Day in Ottawa and the Queen commenting on your Patriotic hat!!

    I grew up in Ottawa and always loved Canada Day on Parliment Hill.

  8. What a wonderful journey this has been for the both of you. Jack, I hope you will cherish the memories and that you’ll come back to see more of our beautiful country, Canada. I think the highlight was Canada Day – meeting the Queen.

  9. Hi Jack!!

    What a wonderful adventure you are on… even though I live in Ottawa and seeing the Queen must have been an amazing experience – I think the Beluga whales must be your favorite thus far!

    Hope you have a great time on the rest of your trip!

    All the best!!

  10. Canada Day celebrations

  11. Hi there Jack what an adventure you have been on…I have loved following where you have been and learning more about the history of this wonderful company that we work for. I would have to say that I think your favorite part of the trip would have to be the beluga whales I know that would be my favorite although getting to see the queen would be very exciting as well..Enjoy the rest of your trip Jack.

  12. HI Jack..A great trip you’re having..thks so much for sharing. My guess re the highlite so far would be when the Snowbirds flew over!…

  13. Wow Jack! You have had more expriences in a week than some of us have had in a lifetime! My top 3 experiences for you are: meeting the Queen, catching a 15 pound salmon and viewing Beluga whales. If I have to to pick a moment, it would be with the Beluga whales, however the week you spent with your Dad is “priceless”.

  14. Hi Jack,

    I am certain the Beluga Whales were your absolute favourite. We certainly enjoyed knowing you were in our City enjoying the Canada Day Events. Come back soon!

  15. Hi Jack … What a wonderful trip, I’m sure that spending time with your Dad going across Canada has been incredible.
    With so many magic moments it’s difficult to guess, however my guess will be the Canada Day party in Ottawa, specifically when the Queen personally commented on your hat – the great smile on your face just gives that special moment away.

  16. Hi Jack … What a wonderful trip, I’m sure that spending time with your Dad going across Canada has been incredible.
    So many magic moments it’s difficult to guess, however my guess will be the Canada Day party in Ottawa, specifically when the Queen personally commented on your hat – the smile on your face just gives that special moment away.

  17. I would have to say that Jack’s favourite experience on this trip was when the Queen complimented him on his hat on Canada Day. Although, it’s hard to pick just one since you’ve done such amazing things on your trip!

  18. It’s got to be when Jack had the chance to taste test the chips in Zellers. 😉


  20. There have been so many wonderful experiences you have both shared together and with us, thank you. I believe that Jack truly experienced a dream catching that Salmon off of Campbell River wow… most men and women dream to have a catch like that Congratulations…
    Enjoy the rest of your trip, memories are truly being made for both of you.

  21. Hey Jack,

    Was it when you catch that 15 pound salmon?

  22. I would think that Jack’s favorite moment was having the Queen compliemtn him on his hat during the Canada Day celebrations. Not many people ever get to experience that once, and to top it off on Canada Day, WOW!!

  23. Hi, it must have been the Snowbirds performance that thrills Jack the most…Am I right?

  24. Bonjour Mr. Baker l’aventure avec les bélugas me semble fascinante quel beaux moments, mais je suis certaine que votre séjour à Québec ville du patrimoine mondiale de l’Unesco fut tout aussi fort en émotions WOW !!!! rien de comparable… Bonne fin de vacances à vous et votre fils votre blog est très intéressant.

  25. Hey Jack

    I think your favorite moment was visiting the Calgary Downtown store, oh wait that was my favorite part of your trip! Having the Queen compliment you on your hat had to be memorable but I think the Beluga whales were a highlight. In the pictures you looked like you were having a great time!

  26. I’m taking a longshot guess and thinking that the helicopter ride from Gilliam to York Factory would have been one of the highlights.

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