Quebec: Laurier Shopping Centre & Deco Decouverte

Our first stop was The Bay store. at Laurier Shopping Centre   I am afraid we have created a monster ….. Everyone wants their picture taken with Jack. People even stop us in the mall and want their picture taken with Jack.  Apparently his appeal is much stronger in the French speaking part of the country.  This is a very high quality mall.  Unfortunately the parking and access is very difficult.  Hopefully this is something we can improve. While at The Bay we were shown around the store by Lorraine Martel and her team.  This store is in fine condition but certainly could use more better brands.  All of which are coming soon.  I was a little bit disappointed with some of the visual but I know they will get it worked out.  I look forward to visiting again soon.

Sylvie Lecompt (Sales mgr), Lorraine Martel (Store mgr) & Steve Lipari (District mgr)

We have just left the best looking Zellers of the trip so far.  Proper fixtures make a huge difference and the presentation and housekeeping in this store was great.  I have high hopes and expectations for Michel St-Hilaire going forward with this great store.

A perfect display, very similar to our new prototype

We walked through the Quebec City Home Outfitters/Deco Decouverte with Nancy Boulanger and Jennifer Allen.  This is an incredibly impressive store.  The Nespresso wall and coffee department is as good as any Nespresso store in Manhattan.   Nancy has had tremendous results this year and the last two years.  This Home Outfiiters is clearly the best home offering in Quebec City   Congratulations to the whole Home Outfitters team.  I didn’t want to leave.

Nespresso display


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