More Quebec City tours

Bay Les Galeries De La Capitale

A store with an opportunity to improve with better more efficient layout. The store is led by Corinne Cuaveau.  All of our stores can improve with great people, better customer service and a desire by the whole team to win. Keep up the great work!

France Tremblay and Corinne Cuaveau

Zellers Les Galeries De La Capitale another nice looking Zellers with a lot of future. Great team led by Gaetan Verret store manager.  Jack and I enjoyed a delicious lunch in the Zellers restaurant which was an authentic diner experience.  The callout for the day the new Canadian Monopoly board game.  Jack had to have it and when we got back to the room immediately opened it up to play. This new set uses no paper money and uses computerized debit cards.  Jack says load up on this game, it will be winner for Christmas.

Everyone wants to meet Jack

Gaetan Verret & Martina Gauthier

Bay Place Fleur De Lys

A dedicated band of associates working for store manager Nancy Daiqneault are doing a sensational job keeping one of our smallest least productive Bay stores going. This store while not as profitable as we would like looks and feels like a full line Bay and has every intention of improving and becoming  as profitable as possible. This store is like the little engine that could…and hopefully will.

Again, everyone wants to meet Jack

Zellers Place Fleur De Lys

Great looking store Pierre Begin the store manager has been with Zellers for 45 years. He is very passionate and engaged in how we can create a more successful store. We have a strong opportunity  for growth here but not if we can’t keep Pierre stocked with the right product. Hard to blame the team in the stores if we don’t ship them the product. I was looking to buy a pair of size 8 sneakers no luck….only 2 pairs of size 8 mens shoes in the store.

Imagine how many pairs of sneakers Pierre could sell is he had sizes smaller then 11…..

Pierre Begin, Bridgette Tremblay, Guy Bergeron

One more day to go!


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